Films That Make You Think

Films That Make You Think is taking place November 13th at Trestle Brewing Company in Parry Sound from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. The feature film will be: You’re Soaking It In.

Advertising as we knew it is dead. The new age of big data advertising is rooted in science, math, and technology. What was once best guesses is now targeted surveillance. With no regulations, companies are free to compile personal data on anyone who accesses the internet. “You’re Soaking It In” reveals the behind-the-scenes process of collecting personal info to design ads tailored to influence us. Is this the height of invasive efficiency…or the price we pay for free internet?

After the film we will be joined by Daryl McMurray of Georgian Bay Software for a short talk on internet security. For complete event details please follow the link  provided above.

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