I, The Mountain

Excellent timing as the beer bearing their name (I, The Mountain & The Leprechaun Flute Red IPA) drops a week earlier! Come and share some pints with the band. Sure to be a good time, and a perfect pre-party for NYE. I, the Mountain is an alternative folk trio hailing from Peterborough, Ontario. Formed in 2012, the band recorded its acclaimed debut album, Land & Sea, in Kitchener, Ontario, an album which paved the way for much of its success. The record, released in early 2013, married raw acoustic melodies with upbeat rhythm and gentle harmonies and was immediately
picked up and re-released through New York independent label Mint 400 Records. Land & Sea enjoyed a successful radio campaign across North America with singles “Love Inside a Cage” and “Land” being played on core stations in Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. The band released their sophomore effort, entitled Two Birds, an album which, while still based steeped in folk, showcases the band’s grittier and more eclectic side. See them perform live at The Sawdust City Saloon on December 30th.

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