Balaclavas & Beer in the Almaguin Highlands

Chef and sustainable living guru Greg Waters of Stonemote Cottage in the Almaguin Highlands welcomes the colder season’s arrival as an opportunity to cook outdoors with Highlander Brew Co.’s fine ales.

Who says you have to put the barbecue away when winter arrives?  “Balaclava Barbecue Season” has returned to the Almaguin Highlands!

To make the most of winter cooking, a visit to Highlander Brew Co. goes hand in hand with sourcing the best ingredients our region has to offer. The brewery’s range of amazing beers provides a wide berth when it comes to cooking with what local farmers have to offer. From grill sauces and marinating brines, to donuts and butter tarts, the unique flavour profiles of Highlander Brew Co. fuels the culinary imagination.


My kick-start to balaclava barbecue season resulted in the creation of “Sweetly Smoked,” a grill sauce that was slathered on Deer Lake Lodge ribs as they slowly grilled over maple coals. “Sweetly Smoked” is a combo of Highlander Brew Co.’s Blacksmith Smoked Porter, caramelized onions, roasted garlic, smoked paprika and maple syrup.

The possibilities for culinary adventures using amazing craft beers are endless, and I look forward to sharing more seasonal posts from the #GreatCanadianWilderness involving cooking with fire, utilizing the unique flavours of Highlander Brew Co. and highlighting the folk that produce the incredible bounty of our region!

Bon appetit and cheers!


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Drink responsibly on the beer traiL. Do not drink and drive.